Episode 197

Close Encounters of the Box Kind

Fener Gets a Phone from Walmart

That Fish Looks Dead

If You are Going to do That Jump out of a Plane

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Episode 196

Things Happen When You get Hookers in Vegas

Has Muffin Man Found Love from Australia?

Are You Old Girl’s Boyfriend?

Perfectly Timed Foam Axe Throw

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Episode 193

Aer Lingus

Second Annual Russian Will Roulette

Who Will Get the Shark in a Jar?

It Is the Only Sock that is Rolled Up and Smells Like Beach

Next Episode Will Be on April 17

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Episode 192

Get me a Strand of Hair

If You Can Clone Dinosaurs from a Rock I can get my Brother Out of this Cum Sock

Maybe He Wanted Wings

Trebajo Checks in

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