Episode 45

Guests Ian Moffitt & Matt Trebacz

An Inflated Lady Joins the Podcast

Tornado Hits Edwardsville

Matt Gets a New Job

Insemination Porn

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Episode 44

Guests Ian Moffitt, Matt Trebacz and Blow Dart John

Baseball Gloves

Resident Evil

First Porn Movie Memories

Josh gets his Back Violated

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Episode 42

Guests Matt Trebacz, Jayk Brown and Gabe

Party for Jayk’s Wedding at the Slapbox Bunker

Dave is not Here

Can You Remember a Gallager Joke?

Our Reaction to 1 Guy 1 Jar

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Episode 40

Guests Nathan, George, Dave and Dylan from the Band LYE

I Like the Way You Turn Your Head

Check Out My Bootleg Bryan Adams Shirt

I Don’t Have Down Syndrome it’s Just My Pants


For More info on LYE check out Their SiteĀ lyeband.com

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Episode 38

Guests Matt Trebacz and Ian Moffitt

Chuck Full O Gutter Sluts

New Squeeky Toys for Mischa

Masturbating while Your Pet is in the Room


Slapbox Podcast




Episode 31

Guest Matt Trebacz

FDR American Bad Ass

What do Tony La Russa and Josh have in Common?

Masturbating after Shoveling Snow can be Difficult

Remember Xuxa?

Slapbox Podcast



Episode 30

Guests John Hursey, Danny Burris, Leslie Rennie & Matt Trebacz

This one is all about Movies as we talk Oscars

Danny learns that Every Sperm is Sacred

Slapbox Podcast



Episode 27

Guests Matt Trebacz and Leslie Rennie

Would You like a Hot Carl or Perhaps a Hot Charlie?

The End All Be All Energy Drink H2O

Josh wants a Fat Suit

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