Episode 60

Guests The Marvelous Muffin Man & Mateo Trebajo


Fat Old Hulkamaniac

Strapping a Blow up Doll to a Bike

I Want to Take a Picture of You

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Episode 57

Guests Ian Moffitt & Matt Trebacz

Virtually Pain Free

Lucky Snuggle Foot

Insert the Shire Sausage into the Hobbit Hole

Fill Your Own Cup

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Episode 50

Guests Cindy Sansom from Pure Romance,Todd Sansom , Ian Moffitt and Matt Trebacz

Cindy Shows Off the Pure Romance Catalog

Mr Dependable

Is That a Dildo on Your Head?

World War Z Spoiler

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Episode 47

Guests Matt Trebacz and Ian Moffitt

Ian Gets Stood Up

Our First Shirtless Podcast

Why Does it Smell Like Bleach in the Sauna?

Ian Pulls Some Chest Hair Off

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Episode 45

Guests Ian Moffitt & Matt Trebacz

An Inflated Lady Joins the Podcast

Tornado Hits Edwardsville

Matt Gets a New Job

Insemination Porn

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Episode 44

Guests Ian Moffitt, Matt Trebacz and Blow Dart John

Baseball Gloves

Resident Evil

First Porn Movie Memories

Josh gets his Back Violated

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